Take it From Our Residents

Get a better feeling of what life is like at The Moorings at Lewes by reading some of our resident testimonials:

Meet Caro Lader

Carol Lader and her husband, Charles, both Maryland natives, moved to The Moorings at Lewes in February 2019 from a retirement community in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Knowing they wanted to step up from an active adult community to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) and that they wanted to remain on the East Coast, the couple began casually looking in 2017.

“The chemistry just wasn’t there with other places we visited,” said Carol, “and we decided to look in Delaware. While Charles was healing from a broken hip, I came up to The Moorings and had lunch, took a tour, met people, and just liked the way it felt.” Set to move during a cold snap in February, the couple arrived first but their belongings got delayed. Fortunately, they were able to stay in a furnished guest apartment while they waited for the moving truck to arrive. “In that first week before we moved into our cottage, we experienced the dining services and met many wonderful people,” recalled Carol. “It turned out to be a good introduction to the community.”

A little over a year after moving in, the Laders and their fellow residents faced restrictions related to the emergence of COVID-19. Suddenly, the community found itself coming together while staying apart. “The staff did many things to keep us all engaged,” said Carol. “They delivered ice cream, enabled pick-up for breakfast and lunch and delivered our dinners, helped secure grocery essentials, and hosted local entertainers, including ‘tutu Tuesdays’ where a group of folks from the Lewes community and their children, ALL decked out in tutus, would run slowly through the grounds. We knew what time it was happening and we’d look out and wave to them. It gave us something to smile about.” She also complimented the medical and nursing care available. “We certainly have our share of heroes here,” she said.

Reflecting on the administration’s approach to communication as the pandemic grew, Carol explained: “It was fantastic. What was really comforting was that they knew what we were thinking and they addressed our concerns. We have a wonderful in-house TV station that keeps us informed. We knew what would be available and what we could and couldn’t do. We had visitors from Springpoint’s executive office join together with our local administrators. They were very forthcoming—they asked questions and listened. That’s key! When you live in a CCRC, you want to know that those in charge have the compassion and the desire to listen and respond. Sometimes they cautioned that we may not like the response, but they explained why. That’s good management.”

Meet Sherry and Bruce Chappelle

Retired classroom teachers Sherry and Bruce Chappelle moved to a cottage at The Moorings at Lewes in November 2019 after living in Rehoboth for 24 years. Two days after moving in, the couple agreed that “it feels like home,” a feeling that has extended throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Bruce and I find that older people are often less amenable to change,” said Sherry, “and this pandemic is the biggest change that anybody remembers. The administration at The Moorings merely had to make sure we all were able to cope with the uncertainty and restrictions. Instead, they went well beyond that—they took charge, remained calm, and everyone has been wonderful. We are so impressed and feel like, wow, we are lucky to be here now.”

“In the midst of the craziness, the administrators were open with us. They told us what they thought would happen and how they were responding. Their communication was clear and careful and their concern for our physical, spiritual, and emotional welfare was quite obvious.” Echoing that, Bruce added, “They were magnificent in uncharted waters and we didn’t sink.”

Praising Lauri Weeks, the director of resident services, Sherry described how right from the beginning, Lauri tried to make keep life fun and interesting. “She arranged for members of a local runners club to run by in tutus to give us a laugh. A singer came around in a golf cart and sang outside our homes to entertain us. She organized people to make masks. She has such a sense of responsibility and is always available to answer questions. It makes a difference.”

Summing up, Sherry said, “They care for residents carefully and that starts at the top with Annette Moore, the executive director. There are many people behind the scenes who make it work. Bruce and I believe that we couldn’t ask for better conditions. There’s a culture here that they’re taking care of us as best they can and we appreciate that.”

Meet Jeannette Lee

Jeannette Lee was born in New York City and lived in northern New Jersey for most of her adult life. After her husband, Tom, passed away in 2012, she moved to New Hampshire to be near her sisters. Finding the winters too cold and snowy, Jeannette moved to The Moorings at Lewes at the end of November in 2017, happy to be settling closer to her two children and the beach. When the COVID-19 pandemic started to shrink the world in March 2020, Jeannette was grateful to keep connected to family via video and email. She was also impressed with how Springpoint and The Moorings communicated.

“Springpoint’s communication was exceptional. They closed us down quickly and let us know what the CDC recommended and how they were responding. They stopped communal dining, began testing employees, and made cloth masks available to everybody. They broadcast testing results on our in-house TV channel and on their website. It was very reassuring that management immediately took it seriously, took the right steps, and kept us safe. They set up a marketing system so we could get staples from a shopping list and continued our food service. Knowing what the people in charge were doing made us feel much more comfortable about this unusual life-and-death situation,” said Jeannette, concluding that “the situation was taken seriously and yet there wasn’t a sense of panic about it.”

Talking about her routines before the pandemic, Jeannette noted that she misses the social interactions, including swimming, dinners with friends, book club meetings, and afternoon trivia contests. “I miss those connections, but given how serious this disease can be, we have to be careful. They got on top of the pandemic quickly and that’s a very impressive thing to know for people who are looking for a place to retire. Overall, I feel so fortunate that I’m in a place where we’re being taken care of.”

Meet Bunny Guerrin, a resident since 2013

I love my apartment at The Moorings and find special pleasure in growing plants all year around on my glassed in porch. I’m looking forward to a new residents’ garden in the spring with raised beds where we can grow vegetables and flowers to share or add to our own cooking. The entire staff here is pleasant and helpful.

Housekeeping keeps my apartment clean; maintenance takes care of any problem. I love living where, if I run out of coffee or bread, the “Bistro” is right down the hall. A good library and a swimming pool are in the main building too, as is a full menu dining room and other conveniences. Yes….even a woodworking shop!

I have a college major in studio art, and coach the community art group. The same room that is provided for painting activities is also outfitted with comfortable chairs and a fireplace for needle workers who gather to socialize while knitting or quilting, browsing through art and craft books, or sharing a new skill. Once a year, The Moorings displays an exhibit of residents’ creative arts for sale. A percentage of the earnings is donated to the Residents Reserve Fund.

Community members are involved in many activities sponsored by The Moorings (such as Tai Chi) or arranged by resident committees (such as movies, the book club, chorus, and outings for dinner). The Residents’ Association comprises many committees and gives voice to resident concerns and interests. Whether serving on a committee, joining an activity, or making use of events and services in Lewes or nearby Rehoboth I keep busy. Or, when I want quiet, I sit on my porch and enjoy my plants. Orchids are blooming on this snowy day!


resident testimonials

Meet Adele and Doug Trout

Adele — I was in excellent health, a widow and still working in 2004 but looking toward retirement. I expected there would be one more move for me and I wanted to plan it carefully so my children wouldn’t be unnecessarily harassed by my care. I signed a contract as the proposed new community was advertised and moved into a cottage in May 2007. It was quite a transition to move from my home of 47 years in Lewes where my husband and I raised our four children. My cottage was finished but other parts of the community were still under construction. What an exciting and fun time it was as I joined ten others as pioneer residents.

The Moorings Residents’ Association quickly became a very vibrant and active association and I served it in several positions. In 2011 I was asked to serve as its Vice President.

Doug — My wife had passed in 2004 and I came here as a widower. I moved into an apartment in August of 2007 and enjoyed seeing the community take shape. I was getting along very well. I became very active and involved in everything; I was elected President of the Residents’ Association. In 2011, I was working on an Association project and began to consult with the Vice President, Adele, who I appreciated for her adroitness and intelligence. We became close friends and worked together on this project. We enjoyed each other’s company and respected each other. We began to have more fun than just working together. It turned into a romance that brought us together.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Trout — We got married on January 5, 2013 in Wilmington Delaware and we had our honeymoon at The Moorings. We are living like teenagers having as much fun as we can. We enjoy the Residents’ Association, body balance fitness class and the heated indoor pool. We have a community happy hour every Friday; it’s a fun time for socializing. We have over 100 different friends here, even though our backgrounds are so diverse, we make friends very quickly because we have so much in common at this stage of life. We’re active and looking forward to the future.

When two people our age get together it introduces a new beginning in our lives. The Moorings is a great place to live together and enjoy life together—we are having a grand ole time!


resident testimonials

Meet Ron Gerber, resident since 2014

My husband John and I lived in Albany, New York and would spend our summer vacations visiting with friends at the Delaware beaches. We liked the area so much we decided to sell our house in Albany and move to a smaller house in the town of Milford, Delaware near Lewes.

One day we received an invitation from a retirement community for lunch, took the tour and liked the CCRC lifestyle, but knew that particular community was not for us. We knew of The Moorings. We called and scheduled an appointment to learn more about it. We appreciated the fact that every time we asked a question about the community there was no hesitation in giving an answer. When we toured the community here, we knew it was really what we wanted. We chose an apartment that we liked with no wait list and moved in later that year.

We had friends who said to us, “you don’t need a place like that,” and we said, “Yes, we do.” The point is that once a situation develops and you need healthcare services, you should already be in a community where those services are offered—that’s not the time to start looking.

A few years after we moved here, John became quite ill and was in the hospital for a while. Knowing he would need hospice care, he just wanted to get back home to our community here and he did. Together the nursing staff here at The Moorings worked with hospice to do what they needed for him. I appreciate the nursing staff so much especially because, through it all, they gave us our privacy and respected our relationship.

By making the decision to move to a full-service retirement community early, you have choices. If you wait too long to make a move, the choices may not be available. You are actually exercising your independence by making the decision to be here. We didn’t come here out of necessity, it was our choice. Being here provides a sense of security and we had that security as soon as we moved in.

My experience living here has been a good one. I have no plans to go anywhere else. This is home; it’s the right place for me.


resident testimonials

Meet Richard and Jean Woolley, residents since 2015

We arrived at a point in our lives where we both decided to make plans for the future. We wanted to do this so our children wouldn’t have to do it for us. We’ve had to make decisions for other family members and did not want to put that burden on our children. Health concerns were a contributing factor; in addition, we did not want to deal with steps in our home anymore and it was becoming more difficult and tiresome to do things around the house like raking leaves and shoveling snow.

We received an invitation to an ice cream social at The Moorings and decided to attend. We immediately fell in love with the community. After touring one of the cottages, we knew that was what we wanted. We got on the wait list and the cottage we wanted became available after a year and half. We feel very lucky to have found such a nice place.

The informality of the community is great; you can just do your own thing. We love the body balance exercise class. I (Rich) participate in the residents’ Program Committee and Jean is part of the Activity Committee. She also writes an article for the community newsletter about the natural surroundings of the campus including wildlife and coastal habitat. We love the outdoor walkways throughout the campus. It’s so nice to have people who take care of maintenance and landscaping and they do an excellent job.

The food is very good and there is a broad selection. Usually there are six or seven entrees from which to choose and some vary each day. The Chart Room is the formal dining venue; the Bistro is for casual food and offers take-out menu items that you can pick up or have delivered to your home. Cooking at home is an alternative, too. Jean loves the town of Lewes; it’s very quaint. Between Lewes and nearby towns Rehoboth, Dewey Beach, Bethany and Fenwick Island, there are more restaurants then you can shake a stick at!

Residents and staff members are very friendly and tend to look out for each other — it’s a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. We discovered a long-time friend of more than 50 years also lives in the community. Moving here, we felt we had done something good for our children and we know they appreciate it. They really like the community too. They enjoy visiting and are happy that we are safe and that we are enjoying the lifestyle and activities here.