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Discover the Secret Health Benefits of Gardening

Discover the Secret Health Benefits of Gardening

Imagine this: it’s a spring day. Sun rays beam down, warming your face. You’re surrounded by wonderfully full trees and multicolored vegetation. A slightly salty breeze rolls in from the Delaware Bay. You smile as you look down upon the thriving vegetables and flowers, knowing you contributed to this beautiful scene.

The human connection to nature is undeniable and more than worthy of our exploration. The Moorings at Lewes focuses on the inspiring qualities of nature, and gardening is among one of the many ways to enjoy and enhance your life. Resident Bunny Guerrin shared, “I love my apartment at the Moorings and find special pleasure in growing plants all year around on my glassed-in porch.”

The best part? As you enjoy gardening in the great outdoors, you’ll also reap many positive benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing. Let’s take a look at a few of these benefits.

Plant a Seed for a Healthy Future

Spending time in nature offers plenty of socialization opportunities. Who doesn’t love catching up with a friend while enjoying the sunshine? Invite a neighbor to plant and tend your garden with you; you may be surprised what tips and tricks they can give you on how to grow the perfect tomato. With our community garden, you’re able to connect with other residents while working together to create something new.

As for physical benefits, gardening does more for your body than you may think. While basking in the sun, your exposure to Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, necessary for bone strength and a functional immune system. This low-impact activity is also ideal for those who desire to introduce physical fitness into their lives without overwhelming their joints. You work muscles in your body as you pull weeds and twist and turn to reach the plants surrounding you. A study even found that physical activity, particularly daily gardening, could lower risk of dementia by up to 36%.

Another great aspect of vegetable gardening is that you’ll have comfort in knowing exactly where your food comes from, and that it’s free from pesticides. Many residents take advantage of the gardening space to grow spices and vegetables, including Bunny. She said, “I’m looking forward to a residents’ garden in the spring with raised beds where we can grow vegetables and flowers to share or add to our own cooking.”

Perhaps above all else, gardening benefits mental health. You relax as you tend to your greenery. You practice patience as you wait to see your plants grow. And you feel a sense of pride when surveying the work you’ve accomplished, a contribution that enhances beauty and life for all those around you.

Learn More about the Benefits of Gardening for Seniors at The Moorings at Lewes

We know wellbeing is important to you, and access to gardening at The Moorings at Lewes is just one way we offer the amenities you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Schedule a tour today to visit our beautiful grounds.

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