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How to Choose a Senior Living Community

Senior female researching online.

When we have an important life decision to make, we turn to a variety of resources to make the most informed decision we can. Of course, we talk to our trusted family and friends to seek their advice. And with the advance of technology, we almost always turn to the internet to see what we can find.

When it comes to choosing a senior living community, though, we must be cautious where we receive our information – especially when it comes to online reviews. When looking into the use of online reviews, Inc. found that, “91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” Considering how many people turn to online reviews, how accurate are they really?

Online reviews can be helpful when deciding what senior living community is right for you. However, these reviews can also be somewhat misleading.

Dig Deeper than Senior Living Reviews

Online reviews offer only a small look at what life is like in a senior living community. People are drawn to write a review based on passionate feelings – whether those be good or bad. This results in a skewed perspective being presented online, and only from a handful of individuals who live in the community.

Online reviews also tend to be a high-level of overview. Comments tend to read, “Beautiful community!” or, “Need to work on communication,” without further explanation. While these comments may help somewhat, it’s better to get a deeper understanding of a community and what it has to offer.

And further, every person has a different life experience and opinion from others. While you may recommend a restaurant as being your favorite place to go in the city, one of your friends may unfortunately have a bad experience and never want to visit again. It’s best to experience places for yourself to formulate the most educated opinion, especially when it comes to your new home.

The most beneficial course of action to take when determining what senior living community is the best fit for you is to personally visit the community. There is no substitute for walking through the hallways and witnessing how happy residents are for yourself. While on a tour, you’re able to ask the guides and residents specific questions and get a true sense of what your life would be like. During this time, you can dig deeper and find out where your needs and desires will be fulfilled.

Come Visit The Moorings at Lewes

There’s no better way to see if a senior living community is right for you than for you to visit for yourself. We’d love for you to be our guest at The Moorings at Lewes and spend a day learning about our engaging lifestyle. From speaking to the residents to enjoy a meal – on us – in our stunning dining room, we guarantee you will feel most confident in choosing your new home after a visit. Contact us today to schedule your personal tour – we look forward to meeting you!

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