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The Must-Read Books for Senior Book Clubs in 2022

Happy group of seniors reading books together

A new year is an exciting time for an avid reader. A full calendar of new releases means a treasure trove of adventures await, whether it’s for your own enjoyment or to share with others in a book club for seniors who share your love of reading.

To help you get a jump on your reading list for the coming year, we’ve compiled a list of recently published and upcoming titles you won’t want to miss. Many of these must-read books for 2022 are excellent book club recommendations, so if you don’t already belong to a book club for seniors, this may be just the nudge you need to get one started.


10 Books to Put on Your Nightstand in 2022


Whether you’re reading them for your own enjoyment or searching book club books to enjoy with a group, here are some top picks that are newly released or coming soon:


  1. Find Me,” the latest novel from bestselling author Alafair Burke, is a thrilling tale about loyalty and friendship that weaves the present with the past as two women seek to uncover long-hidden secrets that may reveal the whereabouts of a woman who vanished leaving only scant clues behind.


  1. Chasing History: A Kid in the Newsroom” takes readers on a journey back in time—to the pivotal moments when a wayward youth found his footing in the newspaper industry and went on to become one of the best-known investigative journalists of all time. Carl Bernstein’s memoir is as entertaining as it is enlightening about the milestone events that defined his career.


  1. The Good Son” follows a mother as she attempts to make sense of her devotion to the son she once knew and the troubled man he became in prison. Author Jacquelyn Mitchard has graced Oprah’s Book Club with past works—will this be her next No. 1 bestseller?


  1. The Liz Taylor Ring” is family drama at its finest. Imagine the surprise three adult children experience when an 11-carat ring surfaces after their parents’ passing. While deciding the fate of the valuable heirloom, the siblings uncover deep cracks that threaten to break apart the family their parents’ love story created.


  1. Lucky” may hold the ticket to her future—literally—but that good fortune keeps falling just out of reach. Racing toward a new life forces Lucky to confront her troubled past while learning to face the world, and herself, on her own.


  1. Garbo” introduces you to a Greta Garbo you may not know. Her story would be remiss without accounts of the fame and fortune she collected as a darling of Hollywood, but it’s equally incomplete without a look at her origins as a Swedish peasant and the complex relationships that shaped her life.


  1. Atlas of the Heartmay be the roadmap you need to take a deeper look at your emotional side as you head into a new year. Bestselling author Brené Brown’s latest book offers tools you can use to form more meaningful connections with yourself and others.


  1. Beautiful Little Fools” invites you to reconsider a classic through the lens of female perspective. This reimagination takes you deep into the backstory of “The Great Gatsby,” where you’ll discover the love, betrayal, and mysterious circumstances that fueled the events of that fateful summer.


  1. The Paris Apartment” may have you rethinking a visit to the City of Light. When her half-brother turns up missing, Jess’ plans to make a fresh start begin falling apart. Soon, it’s clear that Ben’s future, not her own, is in the balance.


  1. Fishing the Wild Waters” will keep devoted anglers turning pages as they explore some of the nation’s most coveted fishing destinations. It’s a look at the physical places, but also the experiences that await those who are eager to dive into the culture and intrigue of these natural encounters.


Our Book Club Welcomes You!


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