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Fun Indoor Activities for Seniors During the Colder Months

Despite the cold and dreary weather, staying inside during the colder months does not have to feel depressing. Exercise, social activity, and keeping your mind active are important for all ages — especially senior adults. Keeping active, even in the winter, has a positive effect on your physical strength and stability, but can also improve your overall mood and reduce risks of chronic medical conditions.

Need ideas for things to do when you’re cooped up inside? Even on the coldest days, seniors can still remain engaged and connected with each other by engaging in fun indoor activities. The colder months don’t have to stop you from staying active — find creative ways to make memories and keep warm.

1.   Physical activities

Exercise is a great way for seniors to stay active and healthy even during the colder months. Several studies have shown that physical activity can help improve overall well-being, no matter what age you are. So why not challenge yourself this winter season? Let’s get moving — it’ll be worth it in the end.

Chair yoga

Chair yoga is a great way for older adults to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of regular yoga without taxing their bodies. These include therapeutic relaxation, decreased chronic pain and stress levels, improved circulation and balance, as well as lower blood pressure. This low-impact practice can help maintain joint health while still providing calming vibes.

Additionally, recent research indicates that performing exercises on a seat can help maintain muscle mass and improve upper- and/or lower-body functionality. Take action today to ensure healthy aging tomorrow.

Tai chi

Senior citizens can benefit significantly from the slow and gentle movements of tai chi. It offers an effective way to build muscle, increase flexibility, and maintain their wellbeing even with pre-existing conditions. With consistent practice of this ancient Chinese art form that combines movement and meditation, comes greater longevity — enabling seniors to enjoy life more fully.

With its gentle, fluid moves, Yang-style is a great way for seniors to keep fit without overexerting themselves. This popular and widely accessible form of exercise provides plenty of learning resources too, so you can get the most out of it.


Exercise with dumbbells is the perfect way for seniors to stay in shape. By using weights of appropriate sizes, ladies can build strength and prevent age-related muscle loss. Likewise, men are encouraged to challenge themselves by lifting heavier weights within their limits — all for a healthier body as they get older.

Senior ladies should typically use dumbbells weighing between five and eight pounds. Older men can use dumbbells weighing ten to fifteen pounds, depending on their degree of endurance. Make sure to contact your doctor or care provider if you have any questions about how much weight you should lift.


As a senior, you can take steps to ensure your body stays strong and healthy through regular stretching. Commit to two weekly sessions of at least 10 minutes each — it will help boost flexibility and strength. If possible, supplement any cardio or weight-training with exercises focused on reducing stiffness for an extra health benefit.

2.   Social activities

Working on your mental, emotional and physical health is key to staying healthy. That’s especially true as you age. Don’t let loneliness be a barrier — social activities are great for both body and soul — so make sure to stay connected with friends and family in order create well-rounded wellbeing.

Book clubs

Reading can be a transformative experience, not just learning new things but being transported to other places and meeting different people. A book club is the perfect way to discover wonderful stories while connecting with like-minded readers who are passionate about literature. With so many genres available for exploration, there’s no limit on how much you can enjoy books — join today and see where your reading journey takes you.

Game nights

Games are the ultimate way to have fun and make all kinds of social gatherings a breeze, while sharpening your mind. Their ability to provide comfort, relief from boredom and tension makes them an invaluable tool, so don’t forget to add some healthy gaming into your routine for optimal mental health.


The indoor version of the typical summer barbecue or gathering, potlucks can be enjoyed with friends and family at any time of year. Bring your favorite dish and get together with friends, peers, or even distant relatives to feel connected to one another and share your inner warmth.

Movie nights

Gather round the silver screen and share in some much-needed relaxation. Movies are a fun way to connect with other seniors while relieving stress. All you need is large display, speakers, snacky treats like crackers and desserts — it’s sure to be an evening of entertainment that encourages friendship among your community members.

3.   Hobbies and crafts

Pursuing hobbies offers you the perfect platform to flex your creative muscles and explore without feeling overwhelmed. It’s exciting to discover something new — plus, challenging yourself has been proven to stimulate mental growth.


Seniors, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to knit now is the perfect time. Not only will it exercise your creativity and dexterity, but it will also help tremendously in maintaining a healthy brain. Neuropsychiatry research has found that those engaging with hobbies such as knitting have up to 50% lower risk of experiencing cognitive issues compared to seniors who don’t partake in similar activities. So why not give it a try today?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, find the right instructor and perfect your craft in no time.


Quilting isn’t just a great way to boost creativity, it’s also an excellent form of self-care. With the fine motor skills needed for each stitch and intricate design work, quilts can help craftspeople keep their talent sharp while enjoying creative expression. What’s more? Working on these beautiful pieces has been proven to reduce feelings of sadness and discomfort — and not only that, but research shows us that even as we age, our minds may be protected by maintaining this hobby.


Seniors, take up painting. Not only is it a meaningful and creative outlet, but regular practice can improve muscle function in your hands, knuckles and wrists. Plus, enhanced blood flow resulting from the activity helps keep you agile as you age — something we can all benefit from.


Woodworking can be a wonderful way to help seniors stay active, engaged and connected. Not only is it an activity that will keep your mind sharp and body healthy, but you may even find a sense of pride in creating something with your own hands. It’s never too late for you to take on this rewarding hobby, create unique crafts out of plywood, or even start a rewarding side business to generate a little extra income.

4.   Technology

As we age, it’s important to stay mentally engaged and active. Seniors have an amazing opportunity now more than ever with the help of technology; they can access a wide variety of e-learning resources that stimulate their minds, from educational seminars to strategic gaming. All of these activities support seniors in keeping sharp mental faculties, like attention span, memory and cognitive lifespan.

For some seniors, technology can seem daunting. But with guidance from a seasoned tech expert or family member, you can transform your senior living experience into a thriving, vibrant connection with others.

Video chats

Staying connected to friends and family is an important part of life — even when it seems like the world stands between you. With all the amazing video conferencing apps out there, nothing can keep loved ones from laughing and sharing stories with one another. So don’t give up on those precious connections: download a virtual platform today and stay close even if you’re far away. A video conferencing app like Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, or FaceTime can be downloaded to your smartphone to allow you to see your loved ones, even from miles away.

To keep connected with loved ones and friends, there’s an exciting variety of options. New specialized products are popping up everywhere; so, no matter what people prefer, whether it’s the Facebook Platform or Alexa family-related devices, they’ll be sure to find one that works well for them. Discovering a great video chat option can make all the difference in creating lasting connections.

Online classes

Everywhere you look, there are exciting opportunities to expand and develop your knowledge base. Why not take advantage of them? From taking a deep dive into nutrition and language studies, to exploring history or becoming an expert in photography, the possibilities for personal growth seem endless. Get creative with writing exercises that inspire expression — the rewards could be life-changing.


Take the reading experience to a whole new level with electronic books. Adjust font, typeface and gap sizes for quicker understanding. Change up word colors or even background images on compatible e-readers — there is always something new that you can explore in an e-book. And don’t worry about getting stuck when it comes to ideas; most readers will track your preferences and provide personalized novel suggestions, just be ready for some great reads ahead.

Unlock the power of e-books and join a virtual book club. Connect with likeminded readers to share what you discover while exploring new topics.


Unlock your intellectual and emotional potential with a modern twist on age-old games. Try out the digital versions of chess, crossword, or mahjong for some friendly competition. For solo playtime there are plenty of virtual word searches, puzzles, and other solving activities to stimulate your mind. And don’t forget about movement-based titles — they’re not just fun for kids; adults can benefit as well. So why wait? Take a break from reality by indulging in the wonderful world of gaming today.


Colder weather can bring lots of challenges to staying fit and engaged with others, with lower temperatures and more slippery surfaces — but seniors never have to let that stand in their way. Taking part in fun indoor activities during the colder months is an excellent step towards better physical and mental health. Take on a new challenge or indulge in an old favorite. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something you enjoy that will enrich your life, and maybe someone else’s, too.

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