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Indoor Activities for Seniors this Fall and Winter

A senior couple enjoy painting together at home.

It can be difficult to think up new, fun things to do when you’re stuck inside during the colder weather. Just because you’re in your home during much of the fall and winter, you don’t have to succumb to boredom. Below are a few indoor hobbies for seniors that you can enjoy this season.

6 Indoor Hobbies for Seniors

  1. Learn an instrument. For many people, this may be a life-long goal. Thankfully, it’s never too late to try! Pick up an acoustic guitar and learn to serenade your friends or try out something a little bigger like the piano.
  2. Put together a complicated puzzle. Puzzles can offer both challenge and fun. Whether you choose a jigsaw puzzle, crosswords, sudoku, logic puzzles or word searches, you can also experience reward when it’s completed. Make it even more fun by grabbing a friend or your spouse and seeing who can finish their puzzle first!
  3. Try some new recipes. Have some fun experimenting with new ingredients and recipes that you’ve never tried. You have plenty of time on your hands now, so put together a list of different dishes from around the world that you want to try. Then treat yourself by serving your new dishes to your family or friends and impressing them.
  4. Pick up knitting or crocheting. Knitting, crocheting and similar hobbies like cross-stitching offer hours of entertainment for any skill-level. Not only can you keep yourself enjoyably occupied, but you get the bonus of having some warm holiday gifts for family and friends.
  5. Writing. If you’ve even said, “I want to write a novel,” now is the perfect time! Grab a pen and notebook or your laptop, sit by the fireside with a hot drink and write to your heart’s content. If you’re not ready to tackle a novel, you can always start your own online blog or work on a collection of short stories.
  6. Mark books off your reading list. If you’re like many adults, you have a long reading list that you haven’t gotten to in a long time. Now that you’ll be stuck inside for a while, grab a blanket, a glass of wine or brandy and your favorite book and get lost in a new world.

Enjoy Enriching, Fun Indoor Activities this Season with The Moorings at Lewes

At The Moorings at Lewes, we want to encourage a vibrant lifestyle, all year long. Our beautiful campus offers a variety of fun activities and amenities to keep you busy all fall and winter. Spend time unleashing your creative side in our art studio. If you’re a life-long learner, we have a large on-campus library as well as a partnership with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute through the University of Delaware in Lewes. Attend a concert or a guest lecture, view a movie or let loose at a cocktail party in our cozy performance hall. And if you want to get a little more hands-on, you can practice your skills at our woodworking shop. You can even build a birdhouse for your feathery friends to enjoy in the spring.

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