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Healthy Habits for Aging Well

Seniors enjoying an active lifestyle and the benefits of healthy aging

While sometimes life can be complicated, healthy aging is relatively simple. It’s a concept that has certainly grown in popularity over the past several years, debunking some of the myths that as we grow older, our health begins to decline physically, mentally and emotionally. In fact, today’s older generation lives more vibrant, active lifestyles than ever before—through age 65 and beyond.

Healthy Aging: It’s Not just a Fad

Seniors today are continually seeking opportunities to age as gracefully as possible while also enjoying life to the fullest. Although all individuals take their own course down the path of aging, getting older no longer necessarily means you’ll lose mobility, become lonely, or experience a decline in your cognition or memory. Research shows that as you enter your retirement years, life often becomes better! You’ll have more time to focus on the things you find most important, as your days are now truly yours.

However, older adults today also truly understand what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle, and they arm themselves with the right information to ensure they know how to stay active, happy and successful.

10 Health Tips for Seniors for a Vibrant, Active Life

Even just taking a few small steps at a time can have a big impact on your health and wellness. Here are 10 healthy aging tips to keep in mind to ensure you’re living your best life, now and in the future:

  1. Enjoy a healthy diet. Take a hard look at your eating habits and start making some adjustments as needed. Incorporate fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains into meals and try to eliminate saturated fats and sugars. Additionally, keep healthier snack options on hand, like chopped veggies, dried fruit or nuts to stay satisfied in between meals. A healthy diet can help you maintain an ideal weight and may also enhance your emotional and mental health.
  2. Add physical activity to your daily routine. If you haven’t exercised in a while, there’s no time like the present get back into it. Find an activity you enjoy, whether that’s hitting the gym for some weight-training, swimming, dancing or even walking around your neighborhood, and then start slowly in 10-minute increments of activity.
  3. Find ways to engage your brain regularly. Studies show that by keeping your brain stimulated you can help decrease your risk for the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This can be as simple as playing some online brain games on the AARP website, taking a class at a local community college or trying out a new hobby.
  4. Spend time with others. Staying socially engaged is an important component to your overall wellness, as seniors who become isolated are at an increased risk for depression. Find ways to spend time with others on a weekly basis by volunteering, joining a club or even picking up a part time job if you’re physically able.
  5. Get quality sleep nightly. Experts recommend that seniors get seven to eight hours of sleep every night. However, some older adults tend to have trouble sleeping, so try establishing a nightly routine to wind down each evening. Additionally, avoid napping later in the day.
  6. Don’t put off annual health exams. Remember, early detection of many medical conditions is key to start treatment plans that can improve your quality of life. For this reason, schedule regular checkups with your primary care physician, and get your vision and hearing checked annually.
  7. Ensure your home is safe. Avoid a fall or accident in your home by removing things like low furniture, throw rugs or electrical cords from pathways. You should also make sure all rooms have proper lighting, and add night lights to hallways and bathrooms so you can navigate safely in the dark.
  8. Make organization a priority. Create a daily or weekly calendar to keep track of your upcoming appointments, events, social activities and more. You might find you’re as busy in your retirement years as you were when you were still working! Staying on top of all your activities may get difficult if you aren’t keeping track of them.
  9. Discover your inner creativity. Tapping into your creative side can be as important as keeping your body and brain active for your overall health. Give your soul a boost by learning a new instrument, taking a sculpting or painting class, joining a singing group, writing your memoir and so on – anything that sparks your creativity.
  10. Believe in the power of positivity. Try to eliminate some of your stress by focusing on all the positive aspects of your life. Find opportunities to unwind and relax, whether through meditation, yoga or regular exercise.

Live Your Best Life at The Moorings at Lewes

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