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How We Incorporate Nature Into Everyday Life

Happy senior couple on a walking trail

When you make your home in a community surrounded by natural beauty, it’s easy to find ways to enjoy the great outdoors and reap the benefits of spending time in nature. Not only is the chance to take in the incredible scenery great motivation to get more active, but spending time in nature can also soothe your soul.

 While plenty of research points to the advantages of living near green space, there’s also evidence that actively engaging with your natural surroundings results in a greater sense of health and well-being. One study suggests spending two hours a week in nature is optimal, with the greatest number of subjects reporting good health and rating their well-being high at this time threshold.


Cognitive Benefits

While there are multiple theories to explain why, numerous researchers have affirmed the brain benefits of spending time in nature. It may be an innate connection to our ancestors’ survival instincts or a physiological response that reduces stress levels. Others believe it could have something to do with the restorative quality that promotes focus—or it may be a combination of all of these. Whatever the reason, in study after study, participants demonstrate correlations between nature and improved cognitive performance.


Mental Health Boost

Not all the benefits of spending time in nature are as quantifiable as brain function. Some of the outcomes are harder to measure, like happiness. However, even in the area of mental health, research supports the idea that nature is good for your psychological well-being. Correlations have been found between nature and positive social interactions, a sense of meaning and purpose, and lower mental distress, among other benefits.


Enjoying Nature Near Lewes

Living near the ocean means taking advantage of green space and blue space—both of which are good for your health. Residents at The Moorings at Lewes find countless ways to appreciate the benefits of spending time in nature, both within the community and the surrounding area.


Butterfly gardens: Our Butterfly Gardens are a special point of pride; they’re a passion project our residents helped bring to life. We’re also proud to say we were one of the first residential gardens, not at a private home, to be included on the annual Lewes Garden Tour. We celebrate a monarch release each year, and residents enjoy the walkway and gazebo overlooking the community pond year-around.


Walking trails: With 35 acres to explore, it’s no surprise residents appreciate the miles of walking, jogging, and biking trails throughout the community. In addition to enjoying the sights within the community, residents can easily access the Sussex County hiking and biking trail system from The Moorings at Lewes.


Beach outings: It’s a toss-up who appreciates our proximity to the beach more—our residents or their visiting loved ones. The Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay, and Cape Henlopen converge near Lewes, making it easy to enjoy the benefits of spending time in nature. Miles upon miles of scenic shoreline and beaches are prime for water sports, picnicking, and simply soaking up the sun while the waves crash and the ocean breeze teases your hair.


Cape Henlopen State Park: With miles of trails rated easy or moderate, you’re sure to find a route that fits your needs. Beyond the fresh air and exercise, trekking these trails let you get up close and personal with some of the park’s most treasured attractions, like the Hidden Pond, Nature Preserve, POW barracks on Pea Patch Island, and, of course, multiple vantage points along the shore. A bonus for seniors: Delaware residents ages 65 and older are eligible for a Senior Lifetime Pass, which grants lifetime access to the park (and 14 other Delaware State parks) for a reasonable one-time fee.


Make Nature a Way of Life

Our Life Plan Community is a nature-lover’s dream. At The Moorings at Lewes, our residents make the most of the beautiful natural surroundings by day, then retire to their spacious senior apartments and cottages to unwind and rejuvenate for another day of adventure. Make plans to visit and explore our inviting community and the retirement lifestyle that’s waiting for you.

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