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Indoor Gardening for Seniors: Fun Projects and Easy-Care Houseplants

Woman taking care of house plants

For many seniors, indoor gardening is more than a way to kill time. It can be a daily delight for the senses and a real source of pride and joy.

The benefits of indoor plants

For starters, indoor plants can strengthen a daily routine. When gardening tasks become part of someone’s schedule, other duties can become more routine as well.

For example, when seniors remember to water their plants, they might simultaneously recall other things they need to do: take a pill, call a doctor, and so forth. Thus, gardening can lend extra structure to an entire day.

On top of that, houseplants can boost a person’s mental health. Research data has linked indoor gardening to decreased anxiety. It’s a quiet and peaceful activity after all. Besides, the additional oxygen from plants can be calming.

Furthermore, gardening can be empowering. Seniors can decide which plants to grow, which flowerpots to buy, and so forth. That extra confidence is especially important when seniors are living on their own for the first time or when they’ve recently moved into a new place.

If an elder person has had houseplants in the past, this hobby can offer continuity and stability. When seniors grow the same plants they once did, they find themselves in familiar territory and fond memories can come flooding back.

Last but not least, the mere sight of a healthy plant — a true gift of nature — can lift a person’s spirits.

Getting started: easy-care indoor plants

When you’re helping a senior launch an indoor garden, think about safety first.

Avoid poisonous plants, for one thing. And make sure the plants are no trouble to access — not positioned too high or too low. Seniors shouldn’t have to stretch or strain themselves when watering and trimming.

Also, indoor plants shouldn’t take up too much space, and they shouldn’t obstruct a senior’s way around a room. Special indoor gardening products like two-level plant holders can help maximize space.

Another consideration is the ease of gardening, especially for those who aren’t used to this activity. Fortunately, the plants in the following list are easy to grow.

  • Succulents

Cacti and aloe veras are two examples of succulents. These plants are thick, hardy, and excellent at storing water. As such, they require little watering; once or twice a month should do it.

Succulents don’t need much fertilizer either. You could just fertilize them a few times a year.

With the right soil and about six hours of sunshine per day, a succulent could thrive throughout the year.

  • Bamboo

There’s no doubt that growing bamboo is uncomplicated. Various types of soil will work well. Or you might not need any soil at all; you may be able to use pebbles instead. And, in most cases, it’s sufficient to fertilize bamboo plants about once a month.

Bamboo can flourish in either full or partial sunlight and in a range of temperatures. Moreover, while gardeners can detach any shoots that sprout, this plant doesn’t require much pruning at all.

For their work, bamboo gardeners are rewarded with elegant stems and vibrant hues.

  • Spider plants

Another attractive option is a spider plant. These specimens are evergreen and their little white flowers blossom perennially. What’s more, some species have long leaves that boast white stripes, which will add gorgeous color and texture to any room.

These plants are definitely robust. They rarely need much light, and they only require fertilizer once every few weeks or so. Although a spider plant won’t suffer from a forgotten watering, watering the plant once a week is all the love it needs.

These are a few of the indoor plants that will add color and vibrancy to a senior’s surroundings while they take little time and no trouble to grow. You can consult a botanical professional to find other plants that are easy to tend.

On a final note, you could look for craft activities to make indoor gardening even more fun for the senior in your life. Here are a few examples:

  • Painting flowerpots, planters, or vases
  • Making terrariums out of glass containers
  • Creating scrapbooks using leaves and flowers

Indeed, a wide array of exciting and creative projects are possible. In short, when it comes to seniors and indoor gardening, a green thumb can be key to a happy heart.

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