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Ensuring Predictable Healthcare Costs

A stethoscope and medicine laying on a pile of money.

How to Protect Yourself From Rising Healthcare Costs

It’s a reality many Americans are facing; healthcare costs are an increasing burden. Even for those taking everyday precautions such as eating right and maintaining a regular schedule of checkups, as advised by WebMD, dealing with higher healthcare expenses is difficult to completely avoid.

Even Forbes recognizes the problem of rising healthcare costs in the U.S. and offers potential ways to pay and protect yourself, such as permanent life insurance and taking advantage of rebates or a co-pay card, which supports out-of-pocket costs you may pay for medication. But, even with these subsidies, people are left struggling and unable to get the care they need.

The Moorings at Lewes recognized this growing concern, and now presents a solution. Lifecare is the ultimate safeguard, offering a guarantee of on-site healthcare if and when the need arises. Not only are you ensuring your healthcare needs are taken care of, but you’re also protecting yourself from rising healthcare costs.

Marvin and Renee Shulman were looking for that peace of mind when choosing a senior living community, which is why they choose the same Lifecare option at Springpoint’s Monroe Village community. They know that, “If anything should happen, we’ll be well taken care of. We chose the Lifecare option for that reason – it helps us feel even more comfortable and secure.” That’s what Lifecare at The Moorings also offers: security.

Lifecare: Your Plan for the Future

Lifecare is your answer to stabilizing long-term care costs. This comprehensive plan ensures predictable monthly costs similar to what you would pay in independent living, even if you need a higher level of care, so there’s no need to worry about rising healthcare costs. You never know what the future may hold and putting a plan into place for the unexpected offers great peace of mind.

No matter where you are in life, whether you foresee needed care or are looking for an active community where you can live an independent lifestyle with a plan in place for your future, we offer a complete continuum of care covered under Lifecare. Resident Ron Gerber appreciated the different levels of care available and found that, “Once a situation develops and you need healthcare services, you should already be in a community where those services are offered—that’s not the time to start looking,” which is what we strive to offer in our community.

Lifecare even means tax breaks! The nonrefundable Lifecare fee paid when signing the agreement may qualify for inclusion on your income tax return as a prepaid medical expense. So not only are you preparing for what lies ahead, but you’re being rewarded for doing so.

Stabilize Your Healthcare Costs With The Moorings at Lewes

With Lifecare, you’ll always receive the services you need in a place that’s comfortable and familiar – and at a predictable cost. You and your loved ones deserve this priceless peace of mind. Contact us today to learn how you can take control of your future healthcare expenses with The Moorings at Lewes.

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