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Be Yourself: Old Age and Independence

An independent senior couple sitting near a coastal path and resting during a walk.

Living independently is a life-long goal for most people, regardless of their stage in life. It means you get to make all the decisions in your life: how you want to live, where you want to retire and what’s most important to you. Of course, as you get older, it can feel like those decisions will eventually be taken away from you — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At The Moorings, we believe that aging does not equate to fewer freedoms. In fact, we encourage residents to make their own needs a priority and to create goals that aim for a happy and healthy life. Below are a few tips on how to remain independent as you age.

The Importance of Staying Independent as You Age

  • Stay Active. While you’re exerting energy during physical activity, you’re also getting energy back, which helps you to maintain your independence. If you continue to work at your mobility as you age, you can stay connected with those you love as well as the surrounding community.
  • Be Clean and Organized. Keeping your living area clean and organized can help you to be more secure in your home. Clutter and misplaced items can create an unsafe atmosphere, contributing to falls and other accidents. Add suitable lighting if you feel as though your home is too dim and clear walkways of any scattered items that could cause you to trip.
  • Stay Social. Positive habits and activities can invigorate you and help improve your independence. Spend time learning a new hobby that’s interested you for some time or get involved with activities that appeal to you. You can embrace your independence by volunteering, taking a fitness class with others or practicing an instrument with a group of friends.
  • Welcome Technology into Your Routine. As technology continues to evolve, we constantly find new uses for our devices. While our smartphones and tablets are often used for entertainment purposes, we can also use them to stay connected to loved ones through phone calls and video chats. Quick access to the internet offers endless possibilities, from things as simple as reading about current events to activities such as learning a foreign language. And should you ever find yourself in an emergency, your cellphone can quickly connect you to the help you need.
  • Keep in Contact with Your Healthcare Provider. If you want to continue leading a long life full of good health and independence, be sure to keep up with your doctor appointments. Keep an open line of communication with all of your healthcare providers so you can ensure a healthy lifestyle.
  • Know Reliable Resources. Knowledge helps you to stay independent, and there are a variety of reliable sources to support you in this endeavor. This guide by Bay Alarm Medical breaks down the available reputable websites that provide information to adults as they age.

Remain Independent as You Age with The Moorings at Lewes

At the Moorings at Lewes, we believe that your independence is of the highest importance — which is why we offer an assortment of activities and amenities to help you live a healthy and vibrant life. Expand your knowledge with courses through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute through the University of Delaware. Get your heart pumping and take in the fresh air with our walking trails. Let your creativity flow in the art studio. No matter your interests, our LivWell program will help you create personalized activities to thrive in healthy, golden years.

See how exciting independence can be by contacting our team today. Or, schedule a visit to experience it for yourself, firsthand.

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