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Retirement Communities Closer to Your Children

Retirement Community Near Kids

As you reach retirement age, you may wrestle with the question of where to live. If you move to a retirement community, should you stay in your current town near your friends, or move to a community closer to your grown children?

This is a question many retirees debate as they consider moving to a senior living community. Your children may have thoughts on the question, too. Maybe they’re pushing you to move closer in case of an emergency. Or maybe they want to decrease their commute time when they visit. No matter the reason, the decision is up to you.

Should You Pick a Retirement Location Closer to Your Family?

Trust in yourself and know that whatever choice you make will be the right one for you. Thinking about the pros and cons of moving closer to your children can help you decide.

Reasons to Move

  • You like the town where your children live. If you decide to move to a retirement community close to where your family lives, you need to like the town. With independent living, you’ll be able to get out and about as much as you please. Think about the amenities in the area. What’s downtown like? Shopping and restaurants? How is traffic? Your lifestyle is impacted by the town where you live so these are important questions to consider.
  • Your children and their spouses want you to move closer to them. A supportive family is crucial with this major life-altering decision. Are they urging you to move closer? What are their reasons for pushing you to do so? Will they visit often and spend more time with you? Do they want you to be nearby in case of an emergency?
  • You can spend more time with your grandchildren. If your kids have children, moving closer is the perfect opportunity to make more memories with them. Retirement means more time to do as you wish, and living closer to your grandchildren may mean more time to babysit, pick your grandchildren up from school, take them on outings, and more.
  • Nearby support will bring you peace of mind. If you feel better knowing your family will be a quick drive away if needed, you should consider moving closer to them. Sometimes this provides peace of mind, sometimes it does not. Whatever your situation is, listen to your instinct.

Reasons Not to Move 

  • Your kids will depend on you for too much. If moving closer to family means you will become the go-to babysitter or be relied on for more than you can handle, you may want to think twice. On the other hand, some people are happy when their family leans on them, so it depends on each individual person. Remember that your retirement is a time to focus on healthy aging and creating a joyful lifestyle, so make sure to think about what will contribute to those goals.
  • You don’t like the town where your kids live. As mentioned above, the town where your retirement community resides plays a major impact in your happiness and satisfaction. Visit your family’s town and try to get out and about. If you don’t feel comfortable there, or if there are other reasons you dislike it, you may want to reconsider moving there.
  • You enjoy having your own town, lifestyle, and distance. It’s OK if you prefer to live in your own town away from your children, no matter what that distance may be. For some people, living away from family gives them a reason to “get out of town” to visit a new place, almost like a vacation. It also means you can focus on yourself a bit more – spending time with your friends, enjoying your hobbies, and seeing family when you can.
  • Your children and their spouse(s) are OK with the distance. Do your children agree that you should move closer, or do they prefer some distance? Or maybe your children’s spouses disagree? Not being on the same page with your children can create tension and drama, so talk through your thoughts with them prior to making this decision.

Living at a CCRC Benefits Entire Families 

Any life transition comes with a few uncertainties and doubts, and moving to a retirement location closer to your grown children is no exception. An in-person tour can help settle your doubts because it allows you to visit the neighborhood and see for yourself. Schedule your tour at The Moorings at Lewes today.

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