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Take a Deep Breath… Relax: Stress Management for Older Adults

Senior enjoying a cup of tea while relaxing at home.

Every person has felt stress in their lives. Leaving this stress unchecked, though, can lead to negative effects on our mind, body and behavior. It’s important to add relaxing activities and routines into our lives. Keep reading to learn about stress relief tips and amenities we at The Moorings at Lewes offer to keep you stress-free.

Stress Relief Tips and Tricks

You need to do what is best for you in terms of finding the right way to relax and manage stress. Listed below are a few examples of activities you can try to help calm down.

  • Brewing Your Favorite Cup of Tea: Sit down and enjoy a nice, hot beverage. Tea is a great option for those wanting to rest, as the amino acid L-theanine is believed to be responsible for relaxing properties.
  • Practicing Deep Breathing Exercises: Your body reacts to stress by going into a “fight-or-flight mode,” which leads to physical symptoms such as an accelerated heart rate and shallow breathing. Focusing on deep breathing helps to activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the relaxation response.
  • Talking to a Loved One: Sometimes just saying the things out loud that we are stressed about helps us feel better about the situation at hand. Plus, socialization with friends and family gives you a strong sense of self-worth and belonging, which can help you in stressful times.

Discover the Best Stress Relief Activities at The Moorings at Lewes

Our coastal location at The Moorings at Lewes exudes a carefree retirement lifestyle. Here are a few things you can do to stay relaxed:

  • Get Creative in the Art Studio – One of the benefits of art is the ability to express your creative side and get in touch with your feelings, allowing you to take control of stress in your life. Our art studio offers the resources and space you need to create something new.
  • Connect with Nature – The positive impact of nature includes reduced stress, according to Science Daily. Our 35-acre campus includes walking trails for you to take a stroll and enjoy your natural surroundings. Be sure to stop by our observation beehive and butterfly gardens for a remarkable peak into the natural world.
  • Take Up a Hobby – Learning a new hobby allows you to reset and shift your focus to a fun activity, helping you get through stressful times. A unique asset to our community is the woodworking shop, allowing you to hone in on or learn new skills in wood carving, furniture repair and more.
  • Expand Your Mind by Reading – The invitation into a literary world distracts you from daily stressors and focuses your mind on the adventure ahead. From an array of classics to the local newspaper, our library has everything you need to cozy up with a good read.
  • Visit the Beach – There’s nothing quite like listening to the ocean waves when you’re stressed to help calm you down. Lewes is located where the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay meet at Cape Henlopen, and we are within close proximity to several dune-backed beaches including Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island.

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