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Why Is it Important to Stay Active in Our Older Years?

A group of seniors enjoying the great outdoors with a hike.
Active seniors in a hiking group traveling together in nature

An active lifestyle is important to healthy living at every stage of life, especially as we continue to age. To stay active, you can do simple things like walk to daily activities rather than driving, take the stairs instead of the elevator or ride your bike to an appointment.

An active senior lifestyle with regular exercise means both your mental and physical health receive the benefits: weight management, lower blood pressure, diminished risk of depression, stronger bones and more. Some studies have even shown that frequent exercise is beneficial to your longevity.

The Moorings at Lewes understands the importance of an active senior lifestyle, so we offer activities and amenities designed to give residents the opportunity to keep moving. To learn about the ways you can participate in physical activity daily, keep reading.

How to Have an Active Senior Lifestyle


Like all the Springpoint communities, The Moorings at Lewes offers the LivWell program. Our award-winning, holistic wellness program reaches past traditional healthy living and incorporates each of the seven dimensions of wellness in daily life. This encompasses your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual and vocational health. To make sure that every resident receives access to each side of this health heptagon, our team members go through specialized training and work with residents to create activities and events for the whole campus. This creates many different ways for you to improve your physical health such as aquatic classes, balance classes and Tai Chi.

Campus Amenities

If you want to get active outside of community activities, our campus offers a variety of amenities for your personal use. Our fitness center offers an assortment of equipment from treadmills to stationary bikes to weight machines. You can either pop in when you want some solitary exercise or participate in circuit training with our fitness instructor. If you’d rather keep your heart rate up in the water, our indoor, heated pool is open all year long. There’s plenty of opportunity to take one of our water aerobics classes, or you can enjoy a free-swim by yourself or a friend. Or for a breath of fresh air, take advantage of the manicured trails on our 35-acre campus.

Keep an Active Senior Lifestyle at The Moorings at Lewes

Thanks to the unique and personalized approach of the LivWell program, it’s up to you to choose how and when you want to be active. If you’re ever at a loss for activity ideas, our staff members will be happy to share information on any activities or programs that might interest you, right within the community.

If you want to keep moving, The Moorings at Lewes offers you a variety of opportunities to embrace an active lifestyle. Contact our team today to learn about more activities in our community and schedule a personal tour.

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