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Travel Tips and Amazing Destinations for Single Seniors

Scenic view of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Mature woman on the edge of Canyon taking a photo with smartphone.

Your senior years provide time for travel that was out of reach during your career, but changes in your life may mean you are planning your next trip as a solo adventure.

Being single shouldn’t discourage you from seeing the world. Following these tips and choosing the right destination will make your personal trip one to remember.

Tip 1: Lighten the load

Part of any journey involves getting out of your comfort zone, so you should avoid packing all the comforts of home. Unless you book a trip to a remote location, you’ll have access to most necessities.

For seniors, the most challenging part of most trips is the travel to and from your destination. A lighter bag will facilitate navigating airports and unfamiliar cities.

Tip 2: Plan your communication strategy

Even though you’re traveling alone, you don’t want to fully disconnect from friends and family back home. If you have an emergency, you must be able to contact someone. Let people know how to reach you while you are away.

Communication can get complicated while traveling abroad. Luckily, most cell phone carriers have international plans that provide access to foreign networks. If traveling for an extended period, purchasing a new SIM card for your device may be a more affordable option; this will temporarily change your phone number, however, so be sure to give this information to your emergency contacts.

Tip 3: Make arrangements for your health

If you take daily medications, you don’t want to miss doses while traveling. Check that you have enough for the duration of your trip. For liquid medications, be aware of TSA limits on containers in carry-on luggage.

Tip 4: Build your confidence with a local trip

Before heading on a more adventurous solo trip, consider building your traveling confidence in a nearby city. New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., are all accessible from Delaware and will give you experience booking hotels and events, dealing with public transportation, and navigating unfamiliar territory.

Tip 5: Book a tour or cruise

If you love the idea of traveling but don’t want to worry about the details, signing up for a tour or cruise is a convenient choice. An all-inclusive cruise handles your room, board, and entertainment while bringing you to fascinating ports of call.

Traditional cruises can take you around the Caribbean, Europe, or the Alaskan coast, while increasingly popular river cruises let you explore a country’s major cities while never straying too far from land.

Single travelers should check the pricing policies of different tours and cruise lines, as some charge extra for a single room.

Tip 6: Lower the language barrier

Traveling to an area with an unfamiliar language can be disconcerting. Even if you learn a few helpful phrases, your comprehension will still be limited. Fortunately, many international travel opportunities are conducted in English.

Destinations like Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom are obvious choices. Although you might hear some unfamiliar expressions, you will have no problem communicating with the locals.

In Nordic countries like Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden, most urbanites have learned English as a second language from a young age. You will be surprised at how quickly they can shift from their native language to English, making it much easier to ask for directions, order food, and shop for souvenirs.

You may be nervous about planning a trip on your own, but you will soon realize its benefits. Enjoy seeing the world, meeting new people, and learning about yourself!

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